Industry 4.0 & Smart Automation

Ride the wave of the fourth Industrial Revolution to fully enhance your manufacturing companies' potential. Whether it's the product, the machine or the connected factory, make use of the most groundbreaking and reliable products available in the market.

Making Industrial Automation "Smarter" doesn't just mean a more user-friendly interface, or costs reduction.
Smart Automation is an integrated model between the Network and the Machine, the Machine and its components, the System and the Human Being.
It makes not only the Machine, but the entire Industrial Environment, Smart and Autoadaptive, with the purpose of improving productivity and labour standards, and making it possible to develop new and highly customized products.

Thanks to our Know-How in the field of System Integration, we can support the customer in the integration of the data produced by our Systems with any of his tools, whether it is an ERP or any other Enterprise software. We can also integrate all the data with various communication and messaging systems, such as E-mail, SMS, Fax and PBX.

Managing Energy doesn't mean only the use of low-power components and the adoption of solutions that rely on renewable sources, it means to take advantage of self-generation and co-generation technologies that reduce the waste through the energy chain and the need of maintenance.
Whether it's the product or the facility, it's possible to analyze the power consumption and optimize it through prediction models that improve the business economics and the environment.