IoT & Mobile Technology

We connect objects by making them “Smart”, seizing every opportunity offered by the global market: ultra low size, low power and low cost components. We can connect the products and the devices with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Sigfox, Lora or GPRS/UMTS; it's possible to connect both fixed hardware or devices installed on moving vehicles. The device itself or the surrounding environment can be monitored through GPS or Microcams.

To be “Green” doesn't mean only to design low power products, but it also means to find the better way to power them.
The Smart Irrigator, for example, can take advantage of the water flow to recharge its batteries and the meteo station can use the power of the sun or the wind. Thus, there will be benefits not only for the Environment, but also for the reduction of the need of maintenance.

If you need to make an object “Smart”, the cost of the single components can be very important, especially if you make smart a product whose cost is not very high. On the other hand, working with poor materials can be very dangerous.
For these reasons, designing through the use of the right components is essential and this can only be done with a strong knowledge of the market.

Portable devices need to be connected, but also to be trasported easily. Weight and size reduction is a key issue during the design.
We can find solutions based on the reduction of the electronic boards, on space-optimization, power consumption and remote control.