Mechanical Integration

The selection of electronic and mechanic components is essential, expecially when we make changes to existing products. 
In fact in the field of Iot or Industry 4.0 the different Technologies can't be considered individually, but it's essential that all the Techs work in sinergy, even if they belong to totally different Engineering branches. 
Our goal is to support customers through our Know-How enhancing theirs, with the purpose of achieving the best results where nothing is thought in a singular way, but instead all is fully integrated.

We strongly believe that, when speaking about the design and the production of his own products, our customer has the best Know-How.
Nevertheless, we are able to provide our support to find the best combinations of components, in order to interconnect their Technologies with ours.

Thanks to our technological Equipment we are able to design and create acessories very quickly. We cal also provide batches and support the customer on the route from the prototype to the production, providing all the necessary informations.
We can also CAD design and assemble the laser cutted and bended parts, thus it's possible to realize with a reasonable budget the physical model of the machinery we want to control, in small or real scale.