Product Improvement

By appropriately sensing products and machinery, and sending usage data to the cloud, it is possible to obtain a lot of useful information, including information on the possible breakage.
Through predictive maintenance, it is possible to foresee with a reasonable precision the breakage of a component, intervening in advance and avoiding emergency operations and downtime to the customer, thus giving the products a huge competitive advantage.

We can connect and make intelligent almost any type of product.
The latest technologies allow us to choose different types of connectivity according to the needs, by integrating ultra low-size, ultra low power and ultra low cost microcontrollers.
We can make Smart products belonging to different categories and sectors, for example:
- Garden machines (eg sprinklers, lawn mowers, etc.);
- Medical sector (eg analysis machines, even portable, or for drug storage);
- Appliances (vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, kitchens, etc.);
- Household and industrial systems (eg heating systems, air purification systems, etc.);
- Vending machines (loose and in-bulk drinks, ready or cooked at the moment food, etc.);
- Clothing sector (wearing devices).

Through connectivity it is possible to obtain important data about the usage of products by the customers, on the single product or by aggregating data to obtain statistical informations.
Data can be analyzed, for example, to reduce the costs of warranty replacement due to breakages by improper use, or to improve the commercial offer based on how customers use the product itself.