Strengthening the Infrastructure

Energy costs can be cut down dramatically if you are able to identify critical issues and waste promptly.
Through artificial intelligence systems, it is possible to analyze in depth the data related to energy consumption, comparing them with the production data (in the case of machinery) or with those related to the plants (eg heating / refrigeration systems, etc.). In this way it's possible to fully understand the energy problems and solve them, reducing costs and bringing great benefits for
the environment.

Through sensors and cameras it is possible to automate control processes, achieving high quality standards thanks to the high precision of these systems, reducing costs and improving working standards.

It is possible to trace the products through new generation low cost RFIDs, or to sensorize the goods to track them in real time or certify the environmental
conditions, through sensors and GPS position detectors.
The acquired data can be used for the control of goods, the activation of Smart contracts between suppliers and customers according to the conditions of transport or to guarantee the safety and certainty of transport times.

Public institutions can also benefit from new technologies to improve the lives of their citizens. In fact, it's possible to monitor and control the traffic using intelligent traffic lights capable of recognizing the number of cars in the queue and self-adjusting the times to dispose of traffic jams, or insert
smart signs capable of signaling alternative routes in the event of roadblocks or heavy traffic.

It is possible either to build custom machinery or accessories for precision cultures, or to sensorize fields, areas, bodies of water, or even to geolocalize animals.
Data can be used to improve the efficiency and quality of your crops and breedings.