Who We Are

Qwyddy Technologies is founded on passion for innovation, managed by an interdisciplinary team with decades of professional experience in information technology, electronics and mechanics.
Based in "the Silicon Valley of Northern Europe", Qwyddy Technologies associates the experience and tradition of the Po Valley with the newest and up-and-coming technologies.


Our Mission is supporting our customers to be at the leading edge of technology, creating digital projects capable of engaging people through experiences, products and services.
By way of Technology, we are determined to make our World a better place, making it more connected, cleaner and more hospitable.

Our Way of Working

We maintain a close contact with our customers, allowing us to read the many shades of their needs, even those they don't realize having. 
It often happens, in fact, that a project must be redefined and improved along the time, through new ideas that emerge during the collaboration with our customers.
We use the most innovative techniques of Agile Development, with a steady and direct contact with the client. Our forward-thinking design allows us to add features to a project without a need of distorting it.
 For all these reasons, we choose to work for direct customers only, without intermediaries, so we can guarantee high quality, prevent conflict of interests and act in the client's best interests.

Our Partners

The cooperation with our partners allows us to build unique projects by integrating their specific technologies.

  • Crip.To

    Ultra high level hardware encryption for maximum safety

  • FabEle

    Low cost, long range innovative RFIDs

Our Experience

18 Years in Electronics
20 Years in Computer Sciences, Networks and Security
25 Years in Industrial Mechanical Design
100 % Passione for our Work