About Us

Who We Are

Based in “the Silicon Valley of Northern Europe”, Qwyddy Technologies is founded on a passion for innovation. Managed by an interdisciplinary team with decades of professional experience in information technology, electronics, and mechanics, our company associates the experience and tradition with the upcoming technologies.


Our Mission is creating projects capable of engaging people through experiences, digital products, and services. By way of technology, we are determined to support our customers to be at the leading edge of technology and contribute to creating a more connected, cleaner and hospitable world to live in.

Use Cases

Way of Working

At Qwyddy Technologies we choose to work directly with customers so we can cultivate personal relationships and work towards efficient partnership. We maintain close contact with our customers, allowing us to identify and fulfil their needs, even those they do not realize having themselves.

Sometimes, along the time, a project must be redefined and improved as new possibilities emerge during the collaboration with our customers. Our forward-thinking design allows us to add features to a project without a need for distorting it.

Our Experience


Years in Electronic Design


Years in Computer Sciences, Networks and Security


Years in Production Management


% of Happy and Returning Customers



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