EYWA – a modular platform from your company’s dreams

In Qwyddy Technologies, we work hand-in-hand with our clients towards the same goal – the growth of their business. Even though we usually suggest a plan, an individual way to implement technologies and leave the decision to purchase any hardware or firmware to the clients, we have always wanted to ensure that our project completely fulfils all clients’ needs.

For this reason, we created a unique IoT modular platform – EYWA – for getting and ensuring the most satisfactory results.

EYWA is a platform that lets companies manage all the working processes from the comfort of their workplaces.
It is made out of the software, hardware and firmware.

Using EYWA is simple – once the system is started, any employee who has an electronic device, internet connection and passwords to company’s EYWA account can:

  • Get up-to-date data of the (manufacturing or other) processes in progress;
  • Handle complex situations by identifying real-time problems without physical interaction;
  • Analyse the real-time data from the sensors on the machinery.

Of course, the company’s executives can enable or disable some of the functions for the particular employees, depending on the job title and responsibilities a person in the company in question has.

Our clients can also choose from 3 most suitable ways on how to receive EYWA servers.
A server can be:

1) Installed in a company’s cloud or 2) Installed in a company’s server or 3) Given in an embedded board.

EYWA modules:

  • Kameie – software for embedded systems. It is used for computer vision;
  • Inan – firmware for ESP WiFi modules to gather information through sensors;
  • ‘Ärìp – a firmware for ST boards. Its’ main purpose is controlling the machinery;
  • Tìomum – software for AI/machine learning (still in the developing phase, will be available very soon!).

Moreover, there are some additional modules, embedded in the platform itself (in the management of the user or the device parts).
You can use these modules for:

  • Allowing flexible management of the permissions – executives can easily manage the functions a particular employee can attain and enable (or disable) the usage of the company’s devices;
  • Securing communication between the client devices, the core system and the controlled devices (sensors/products/machinery).

EYWA’s advantages are numerous – from saved time by centralising management processes to the identification of current problems and thus minimised expenses – our modular platform can help businesses to grow and remain competitive in their working field.

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