Food Waste is OUR Problem and IoT Could be the Answer

Do you limit food problems to hunger and malnutrition in developing countries? If yes, then you probably feel sad about it but, at the same time, “cannot do anything about it”. And what if food waste is as much of a problem and you, as a European business executive, can minimise it just by deploying some smart solutions? 

Statistics show that every year, about 1/3 of the world‘s produced food is wasted. Sadly, Europeans are “great“ contributors, too: in the EU alone, one person throws away more than 180 kilograms of food per year. 

While EU institutions work towards the implementation of the circular economy package, executives all around Europe start to analyse their working methods, rethink their personal decisions’ impact and turn to IoT – a helper in minimising businesses’ food waste. 

Food waste is a problem on both the global and business scale:

An increasing number of businesses has a strict purpose of, with the help of IoT, creating/providing a product or a service that would minimise the world’s food waste problem. 

An example of IoT helping in the food production chain:

A problemIn a production company, once the produced item leaves the factory, it can be hard to control and assure the required conditions during the whole delivery process. An example could be a temperature for the particular temperature-sensitive food.

An answerA commonly used solution can be smart thermostats – IoT-enabled systems, helping companies to monitor their products in real-time. Smart sensors could provide real-time data, ensuring that consumers get a safe product and the business keeps growing.

IoT sensors are also used to identify the exact problem in the supply chain. Companies can repeatedly analyse the collected data with the insights showing the specific issues in a particular business. Identifying a problem leads to a quick decision in tackling it.

The creation of food is greatly damaging our planet in the first place. However, we continuously act carelessly and let this food to be thrown away and pollute the environment even further. We close our eyes and say that our decisions will not have any impact, but you know individual businesses can make a difference, don’t you?

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