How Qwyddy Technologies helps textile companies grow?

Textile companies deal with numerous producing processes. These tend to be very strict as every tiny detail of the whole process has to be in the right place, if not – the entire process (and the product) is ruined. However, not every business has the newest factories with the latest machinery, which means that tracking and managing these processes becomes a hurdle.

Buying new machines would cost a fortune, that is why some of those textile companies contacted us. Together, we analysed their working methods and proposed a personalised solution on how to tackle their manufacturing problems in the most suitable way.

Since we know that not all companies dealing with these type of problems know that there are people ready to answer all of their questions, we will give a few cases of our past clients. Maybe that will add a bit of clearness of how we might help your business, too.

1) Enhancing the quality and reducing the waste/downtime

The company that works with spinning wanted to reduce their waste and downtime at the same time of increasing the quality of their work.

The spinning process is very machinery intensive and thus needs real-time managing during the different phases of the process. However, the mechanisms of the company in question were not all new and could not provide the required data about the operations (its up-to-date info, errors, etc.).

Our solution was to change some of the machinery with external devices able to gather real-time data that can then be analysed through AI techniques. This one-time investment provided the ability to not only enhance quality and reduce waste/downtime as clients wanted but also minimise the number of workers needed to control the machinery.

2) Reducing the waste and enhancing working processes

This project was aimed at reducing the waste and enhancing the whole process of washing, colouring and cutting of the fabrics.

The problem was tracking the moving fabrics through all phases of the process as materials are always affected by mechanical and chemical stress.

In this case, the approach was to create customised machinery, integrated into the production line and able to apply RFIDs on the moving fabrics during the processes. This project also involved our partner who created special RFIDs able to resist both mechanical and chemical stress, which was a vital element of the fabrics’ creation.

These are just a few examples of our ideas helping textile companies grow and remain competitive. In other textile cases, we also provided warehouse tracking, access control and more generic production tracking systems – these can be used for different kinds of companies, too.

We are open-minded about our projects and take into account every aspect of the particular company’s requirements and needs. Even though you think that your case would be different – we master our technologies, and we look forward to work and help you grow!

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