Important notice about our activities

To all employees, customers, partners and collaborators

As you know, Northern Italy and in particular the Emilia Romagna region have been affected more than any other region in Europe from Coronavirus disease. As a precaution and in order to actively collaborate in the fight against contagion, I made the decision to cancel my trip to our Lithuanian office in Kaunas.

Despite this, I want to reassure and inform all our customers that Qwyddy Technologies is not stopped; it continues its commercial and production/development activities regularly. As professionals operating in the field of the latest technologies, we have been experimenting smart working for decades. We have always been equipped to provide remote support, remote installations and training. The main issue, which I suppose is very common, is the supply of materials from China, which at present is not giving us too many problems, at least a few days late in the delivery and shipment of materials.

Our employees and collaborators who live in areas not considered at risk will continue their regular activity, supporting others through digital technologies that will also allow others to be present and productive. We are also available to share our know-how in this field in order to promote a smart work style, which can not only help in the management of this emergency, but also to improve the environment, reducing travel and therefore emissions, and fostering a lifestyle that can be more positive for everyone, including families who need to stay at home more often with their children.

Fabio Ferrari
CEO and Founder of Qwyddy Technologies

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