Production Tracking for Win-Win Businesses

Numerous manufacturing processes, interruptions, errors, many workers, machinery… – it’s a lot to handle for any production company if it doesn’t have a production tracking system.

Production tracking may sound like a solution for tracking the products once they are bought; however, it is way more important to manage all the processes that happen before products actually appear on the shelves. 

If it is easy to manage the numerous processes of the items’ production, the rest will be just as easy, too.

Here are some examples of what our production tracking system can do:

Scenario 1

A company produces different devices. It has five orders with different deadlines to fulfil this week.

Company’s machines in the factory have different production phases; each of them is dependent on some factors, for example, the availability of the materials and/or the end of the previous stages. Some phases can be done in parallel, and some are dependent on previous phases.

With the production tracking system, the factory’s workers can monitor the start and the end of any production phase.

For example, if employees see that the deadline of making a device is very short and the production is still in phase 3 of 5, they can decide to start step 5 that is dependent only from the phase 2.

In this way, the company fulfils the request just in time.

Scenario 2

A company produces bottles by the design of the customer. The manufacturing business needs to make a quote every time the customer asks for a new lot of products.

The producing company in question knows the exact costs of the raw materials, and thus calculates the hourly price of the machinery and the factory workers.

After some lots with similar products, they find that the average cost of a single bottle is higher than the price they sold to the customer, even if their forecasts were different.

After analysing the entire process with the production tracking system, they find that there are many stops or malfunctions of a labeller when doing that particular type of bottles.

In this case, they can decide whether to raise the price of these particular bottles or change the labeller.

The production tracking system was created to ensure excellent products’ quality and easier life of those making it.

In Qwyddy Technologies, we see manufacturing as a two-way process in which both, the customer and the manufacturer, have to gain from it for it to be a fair win-win situation.

If you work in a producing company, start tracking if it is a win for you, too.

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