Industry 4.0 & Smart Automation

Ride the wave of the fourth Industrial Revolution to enhance your manufacturing companies’ potential.
Whether it is the product, the machine or the connected factory, make use of the most revolutionary and reliable products customised for your needs.

Smart Automation

Smart automation is an integrated model between:
a) The network and the machine;
b) The device and its components;
c) The system and human-being.
Making industrial automation “smarter” means a more user-friendly interface, reduction of costs and possibilities to improve the company’s productivity.
By enabling automated processes, smart automation makes the entire Industrial environment smarter and auto-adaptive, also allowing the development of new, highly customised products.

System Integration

Thanks to our Know-How in System Integration field, we support the customers in the integration of the data produced by our systems with any customer’s tool.
Whether it is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or any other software, we can integrate all the data with various communication and messaging systems, such as e-mail, SMS, fax and PBX.

Energy Management

Whether it is the product or the facility of a company, it is possible to analyse the power consumption and, through prediction models, improve the business economics and lessen the negative impact on the environment.
Managing energy means the use of low-power components and the adoption of solutions that rely on renewable sources. It also includes taking advantage of self-generation and co-generation technologies to reduce waste and the need for maintenance in the energy chain systems.

IoT & Mobile Technology

We connect objects by making them “Smart”, seizing every opportunity offered by the global market: ultra-low size, low power and low-cost components. We can connect the products and the devices with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Sigfox, Lora or GPRS/UMTS. It is possible to combine both fixed hardware or accessories installed on moving vehicles. The device itself or the surrounding environment can be monitored through GPS or Micro cams.

Green Technologies

Being “green“ means designing low-power products and, most importantly, finding more efficient ways to power them. We suggest particular technologies that can take advantage of natural, renewable sources to recharge their batteries.
The benefits are numerous – from the reduction of the need for maintenance to a less negative impact on our environment.

Scalable Components

If you need to make an object “Smart”, the cost of the single components can be very important, especially if you make smart a product whose cost is not very high. On the other hand, working with poor materials can be very dangerous.
For these reasons, designing through the use of the right components is essential and this can only be done with a strong knowledge of the market.


Portable devices need to be connected, but also to be trasported easily. Weight and size reduction is a key issue during the design.
We can find solutions based on the reduction of the electronic boards, on space-optimization, power consumption and remote control.

AI & Data Analysis

Data collection and trasmission play a strong role in processing information. Nevertheless, these data are almost empty and meaningless if we can’t interpret them.
Through the modern means of Information and Communication Technology, it’s possible to turn any Data into Knowledge, extracting from them the useful information we need.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is based on self-evolving models that start from existing data and evolve to get the desired results.
We can use AI to predict the maintenance of products and facilities or to control anomalies in the industrial environmental conditions.

Computer Vision

Sometimes, even the best sensors cannot recognise certain events or interpret some complex data.
That is why, with the support of our partners, we can integrate Computer Vision Systems in our products for you to achieve satisfactory results.

Production & Mechanical Integration

In the field of IoT and Industry 4.0, it is essential to remember that no technologies can be seen individually – they all work in synergy, even if they belong to different engineering branches.
Our goal is to achieve the best results in a fully integrated environment by supporting our clients with our views and experiences in the technical field.

Components Selection

We know that our customers are the ones who exactly know their products and working methods. Because a careful selection of electronic and mechanic components for projects is essential, especially when we make changes to already existing products, we combine clients’ technologies with ours.
Together, with our technical input, we find the best combination of components and interconnect them with our technologies to customise the solution that fulfils the company’s needs.

Rapid Prototyping

Thanks to our technological capability, we can design and create accessories both quickly and professionally. Moreover, if the virtual model is not what you wish for, we can design and build a reasonably priced physical representation of a custom-made machinery/product.
We support our clients through the whole process, from the prototyping to the production, providing all the necessary information during our partnership.

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