The importance of tracking (and, in general, of knowledge)

During these days we are facing an emergency that most of us, especially the younger, didn’t see in all their life. Especially here in Northern Italy, people are dying at a rate not much less than one thousand per day, and after more than 2 weeks of quarantine the exponential growth of cases shows no signs of slowing down

In China and South Corea, the first 2 countries that had to face the emergency, due to their countermeasures, they managed to contain the infection. So, what’s the matter? We are undisciplined? Yes, of course, but in my opinion and experience not only. As a Digital Engineer and as a CEO of a company that has much experience about tracking and data, but also as a volunteer in the first aid area, there is something more. Well, in the last days I found that it’s not only my opinion.

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If we give a look at the Chart 13.B in this article (my suggestion is to read it all if you have time, it’s a summary of most of the knowledge about coronavirus), we can’t help but notice that what Italy, and maybe also other countries, lack is the tracking of infected people, and in general all the measures that have to do with data.

Affording a pandemic without data is like affording a war without logistics. And this is not just my opinion – the World Health Organization also reported just last month that AI and big data were a key part of China’s response to the virus. Facebook is already sharing information about people movement in high-density cities and place to help forecast the spread of the virus.

According to BBC, AI can help create a vaccine. British start-up Exscienta already became the first company to put an AI-designed drug molecule to human trials earlier this year and it took 12 months of development. For comparison – a standart research might take up to for to five years of research.

But in order to work and create solution, first AI needs to learn about the problem and have access to as much information as possible, so collecting and analyzing data here is also a vital step.

If you have the possibility, share this information with your contacts, especially those who have some weight in the decisions about data collection and analysis in your country, in your province, in your city, in your town. This is really important in order not only to save the economy, but also to save lives.

Stay healthy, and stay safe,
Fabio Ferrari, Founder and CEO

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