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Even though many executives appreciate sustainability and understand the need to promote green energy, in some cases, their vital concern is energy-producing places. Renewable energy requires specific conditions that the businesses working in or with this field need to meet. 

As not all businesses can answer the green energy-related questions and concerns themselves, they seek someone with the knowledge of both smart technologies and the green energy field.

Qwyddy Technologies have helped numerous businesses in deploying artificial intelligence for efficient and problem-free green energy production. Thus, we want to share some cases, where we combined our know-how in technologies to diminish any problems occurring in the green energy-making processes.

1) Tracking the speed of the turbine and other environmental parameters

This project aimed to track the speed of the turbine and some ecological metrics in real-time. Such conditions might be the temperature and the flow inside the turbine as well as the generated current. 

Our solution was the system that samples these parameters at every defined period and draws the historical graph. Also, another system manually or automatically deactivates the turbine to prevent damages under certain conditions.

2) Controlling the burning mirror itself

In this case, the company wanted to not only track the parameters but also manage the burning mirror (a reflective surface that focuses the sunlight onto a small area) itself. 

The burning mirror, unlike a standard solar panel, is heavily affected by the orientation and must follow the sun to be ‘in focus’. For this reason, it needs extreme precision of the sun direction’s calculation, based on the GPS position of the mirror and the exact time – every minute a set of precise stepper motors move the mirror following the sun.

We have found that in such situations, industrial grade (outdoor the temperature range is very high), low power (to avoid produced energy waste) and scalable boards (many of these devices are installed in a single installation) are needed to assure a total precision.

These use cases were personalised solutions made specifically for the needs of mentioned clients. We are ready to personalise a solution that would fit other businesses’ methods and needs. You are more than welcome to contact us, too!

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